1. Go home and rest quietly for the remainder of the day. You may resume normal activities in 24 hours.

2. You may resume your normal diet after the procedure.

3. Do not take aspirin-containing products, ibuprofen, vitamin E, or blood-thinning products for 24 hours after the procedure. (*Coumadin)

4. You may develop a sore throat after the procedure. If necessary, throat lozenges may be utilized to relieve the discomfort.

5. If you experience increased swelling in your neck, difficulty breathing or swallowing, call Dr. Osterman at (305) 932-7800.

6. You may develop some bruising at the biopsy needle puncture site. This is normal and not a usual cause for concern. Bruises should start to fade in one week to ten days.

7. The dressing over the site may be removed the evening following the biopsy.

8. The biopsy results will be sent to the physician who requested the biopsy. Please call your physician's office for a follow-up appointment.

9. If any questions or complications develop after you arrive home, please call Dr. Osterman's office at (305) 932-7800.

In most cases Coumadin therapy may be re-started 3 days after the procedure. You may discuss this with Dr. Osterman after the procedure or call the office for instructions.