General Incision Care

  1. Your procedure has required a small skin incision. The incision is closed with self absorbing sutures which do not require removal. In addition, tissue adhesive ("glue") is also applied to seal the skin.
  2. It is recommended not to bathe or shower until the incision heals (5-7 days), however if the incision and bandage are covered with a square piece of plastic food wrap (a cling wrap), then you may safely bathe.
  3. After you bath or shower, remove the plastic wrap, the incision bandage and clean the site with hydrogen peroxide. Allow the incision to air-dry and then apply a sterile gauze dressing.
  4. If you experience redness, tenderness, and swelling beyond that usually expected with a surgical incision, please call Dr. Osterman at the office (305) 932-7800.